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Exhibition Review

by icotag

Exhibition Review: Wellcome Collection


I went to see an exhibition, An Idiosyncratic A to Z of the Human Condition, at Wellcome Collection. As the name suggests, everything was about the human body, medical treatment, condition and history etc. It was my first time to visit Wellcome Collection, and I really liked the contents of the exhibition and the atmosphere of the gallery. There were two rooms for this exhibition, they were not too big, and there was a moderate amount of work. It was a comfortable size and very easy to look around. I felt this was a benefit of the gallery because people can enjoy seeing works without getting tired when they see the exhibition. There were also a lot of chairs that visitors could use.

The first room was mainly about the human body and medical treatment, and I found an exhibit which was great quality and a powerful sculpture of an obese man's body. Although the object was out of touch with reality, the sculpture projected felt so real. The dynamic sculpture stood forcefully while drawing people's attentions. It was made by a British artist, John Isaacs, in 2003 and titled " I can't help the way I feel." And another piece which I was interested in was a photograph that a lady sat down on a chair and had a deformed arm. it was taken by a British artst, Alexa Wright, in 1997 and titled "After image." I was wondering whether this is a real picture or not when it was my first sight, so I researched about it after visiting the gallery to discover that it was real. It was an actual portrait of the lady who had the prosthetic arm. I knew there were deformed people in the world but have never seen the actual body of them in my life, so it made me think about their hard life like a film, The Elephant Man.

The second room was a different style from the first room. It had simple yes/no questions based on war and epidemics, searching for people's opinion, and there was also various information on medical history. Every visitor could cast a vote and was able to see the popularity of each answer to the question via a transparent box. Even though I took time to understand the questions, I voted on them in favour of my opinion. It was very enjoyable because I could take part in the exhibition and be a part of the works in the room. Another feature I liked was a basic map of the world and UK, and people could put a little black sticker to show where they had come from. It was very interesting because many people came from various places that I did not expect (though there were some jokes about people coming from out of space!). I was glad to find Japan was a common place that people had come from.

In the gallery, the age-group of the visitors were a healthy mixture of young students, the middle aged and the elderly. Actually the exhibition was thought-provoking about humans, and I believe the target audience was adults. It was a great opportunity to understand humanity.

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